Gameplay Preferences

Question Types

For now, the Question Types feature isn't related to preferences. At a later stage, it will be possible to deactivate certain question types here.

What is already available there is an overview of the available question types (animations that explain the concept of each).

Sound & Music

Sounds & Music Settings

Music is played before a question comes up. Sounds mostly give feedback, such as to a correct or incorrect answer (or a correct or incorrect part of an answer).

Screen Recording

This is unrelated to Quizcover's built-in video player that is part of the Solution Display. The feature you can activate in the Gameplay Preferences is an iOS system-level feature. The recordings are stored on your device (separately from Quizcover).

Record Gameplay

Ad Mode

For details on this feature (which gives you free access to one booster per question), check out the related page.

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